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Twitter enters the Video Sphere With the Launch of "Vine"

Twitter more than fine with Vine

It is now time for the “tweeting” prodigy, Twitter to announce its presence in the world of videos. After the dust raised by the “Facebook acquires Instagram” storm has settled, Twitter has launched “Vine”. Vine is a mobile service that lets you record and share short, looping videos. Here, by ‘short’ we mean really short videos, like 6 seconds or less!

This move will undoubtedly lead to more User Generated Content (UGC) on Twitter. The advantage for Twitter (and any social network for that matter) is that a high level of UGC is considered as a sign of a very engaged audience. People come to Twitter for content consumption and so more UGC is a huge positive for Twitter advertising.


Vine is currently available as a standalone app only on the iPhone and iPod touch. You can download the Vine app for free from the App Store. Twitter says it’s currently working on bringing the app to other platforms also.

Vine integrates with Twitter in the same way Instagram does. The Vine videos can be directly embedded in tweets and it shows up in your followers’ streams. You can follow other users separately through the app and also comment and like videos. The app records both audio and video.

How do you create a Vine video?

Creating a vine video is a piece of cake! You simply need to hold your finger to your device’s screen and the app starts recording. When you remove your finger, the app stops recording. You can re-start the recording by pressing your finger to the device screen again. This feature helps users record multiple short clips that you can then bring together and make one 6-second video. You can include several scenes in your video using this start-stop feature without wasting time in your precious 6 seconds shifting your focus from one thing to another. The short span of a Vine video drives you to be more creative since you have only 6 seconds time on the video.

How can businesses use Vine?

You can use the Vine app and create a video with quick flashes of your latest product’s features. This can help you in generating excitement about a new product. Or, you can even run a contest where you make a Vine video with visual clues about one of your products and then ask people to guess which product/s you’re featuring in the video!

So you want to know how a Vine video actually looks like? Well, here’s an example video:

Mixed with Vine app

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