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Tough Times, Tough Questions? Answers for Search and Social Media Marketing.

I was excited by the large turn-out at the Q&A session I hosted in Santa Clara at SMX West—the popular conference for online and search engine marketing experts.

Leading up to the SMX conference what weighed on my mind was the obvious—our collective anxiety about the recession and the ubiquitous pressure to do more with less. Focusing the Q&A on strategies and spending choices across PPC, SEO and Social Media Marketing must have struck a chord because we covered more questions in greater depth than I anticipated.

The savvy search marketers at SMX zeroed in on questions like “PPC advertising–Technology or Human Driven?” and “Social Media Marketing for brand reputation monitoring and brand healing?". Folks wanted to hear about Ford's Scott Monty smartly using social media to nip a PR nightmare in the bud. I went on to explain how a major travel firm used the social media group at Position² to turn around negative sentiment from a promotion gone wrong.

In these tough times, every search/online marketing manager and CMO is ready to listen to innovative approaches. I’m glad the Q&A lifted attention from each company's specific business challenges and the sometimes arcane technical aspects of a conference for experts. To view the full Q&A presentation visit

Rajiv Parikh

Rajiv Parikh is the Founder and CEO of Position2. For Rajiv, digital marketing provides the perfect intersection between economics, creativity, data, and technology. Rajiv has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire.