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Social Media Marketing:Our Journey

We have been a part of the social media phenomenon since its advent. We’ve seen social media evolve and become an established marketing discipline.

Currently, we develop strategy and manage social media marketing (SMM) campaigns for most of our clients and our activity in this area has doubled in the last three months. The interest inSMM was coming to a head, and this burst in business has afforded us opportunities to experiment with various forms of SMM and strengthen our capabilities for the future.

At the onset of SMM we started with blog commenting, PR submissions and social bookmarking. We quickly moved on to executing micro-sites, widgets, multiple blogs, Twitter campaigns and viral techniques.  We have taken our clients to a higher level of social media. We have dedicated Twitter experts, social networking strategists, and designers who specialize in building applications for social media. We’ve grown to have a strong sense of confidence in this discipline and now feel that we can guide any client in achieving its business and marketing goals through our social media marketing practice.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a vital part of any online marketing strategy. Most of the time, our clients are initially unsure of how to approach social media marketing and whether they should get into it at all. We get a lot of questions from marketing managers about how to start off with social media, what the benefits are, and how to sell it to their bosses.

Earlier SMM was seen as an addition SEO efforts, with it being a part of traditional link building and blog commenting. Position²’s strategy and competencies grew in tandem with the evolution of social media and it became clear that SMM was more than just link building and commenting. It was about conversing, interacting and engaging with influencers and customers at various stages of their decision making and buying cycles. We also deployed a host of tools—free, paid, and custom developed in-house—to track, measure, revise and lift social media campaigns. Clients who were not convinced about the value of SMM began to realize that qualified traffic could be increased through SMM alone.

An SMM client of ours—a leading medical alert system provider—was one of the clients whose faith in SMM grew when traffic to their website increased considerably along with conversions. They said “Position² has helped take our company to a new level. The team has demonstrated a level of expertise and that has not only increased my ROI in the online marketing space but also elevated our entire web presence.” In this case educating the client and delivering on the right expectations have been key in achieving client satisfaction.

Sanjeev Dhanaraj

Sr. Director, Digital Transformation, Marketing & Strategic Alliances

With over 15 years of experience in IT, ITES and Digital Marketing, Sanjeev is an experienced professional with a strong understanding of technology and digital transformation. He has also worked on digital strategies for top brands like Pepsi, Samsung, P&G and LinkedIn.