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Pinterest rolls out Business Accounts - Get Started Now

All you business folks out there, there is some ‘pinteresting’ news for you!

According to Pinterest, businesses have contributed immensely to its site till now, inspiring pinners. This is reason the site has now launched some new free tools and resources for businesses which includes business accounts and also a companies-specific Terms of Service.

Though Pinterest is launching business-specific accounts, aesthetically these won’t look different from personal account pages.

To get a business account, you can either convert your existing personal account into a business account or if you don’t have a personal account, you can create a new business account.

These new announcements and resources are signs of things to come from Pinterest for businesses. So, wouldn’t it be great to be able to access any cool, new features Pinterest launches in the future?

We’ll first outline the 4 simple steps you need to go through to convert your personal account into a business account:

1. Logon to and click the “Convert your existing account” button:

get most out of pinterest

2. You need to select your “Business Type” and update your “Contact Name” and “Email Address” if required:

Convert to Business Account

You’re also offered help by Pinterest in choosing your “Business Type” by providing you with different options and examples in brackets to illustrate the option. You can choose anyone for “Contact Name” since it is not displayed openly. Use a company email address for “Email Address” since it’s not connected to any employee’s personal email address.

3. On the same page, fill up the next part “Profile Info”:

Pinterest Business Account Profile Info Position2

You don’t need to change any of this unless you hadn’t filled them out when you first set up your account or you want to make some edits to existing information. This information is shown publicly on your personal Pinterest profile and this is true for your business account also.

4. The last step is the “Agreement” section, where you need to read and accept the agreement:

Pinterest Business Account Agreement

After you accept the Pinterest Terms of Service, the “Convert Account” button gets activated. Clicking upon which, your personal account will be converted into a business account.

If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, to set up one you need to go through the same steps outlined above with just one small difference. You need to click on “New to Pinterest? Join as a business” instead of “Convert your existing account”:

Convert into Pinterest Business Account

After you click this, the only difference is that some fields on the next page, for example, the profile image and “About” section will be blank since your profile is new.

Pinterest has also created one more section on, “What Works”, which talks about Pinterest best practices for brands. Also, check the Buttons and Widgets section which gives directions on using the different buttons and widgets.

So, businesses, what do you think about Pinterest’s latest updates? Like ‘em or leave ‘em?

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