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New PPC Whitepaper

Andreas has released a new PPC whitepaper from his book: Insider SEO & PPC. It is for all those that want to learn about PPC with some nice case studies. We plan to load it on our company website, but until then, download from his book's site.

It is essentially a chapter from his book, so you are getting an important section of his book for free. Now that's a great deal.

We discussed internally whether we should get your contact info before sending you the chapter. It's one of the things we discuss a lot with our clients because some want to capture the lead. Others want to make it freely available (like db40 where you only enter info in if you want info from the message boards). We decided to let people grab it for free without any personal info required. If you want to contact us about ways in which we can help you, then great. If not, we hope that you or your friends consider us in the future. Enjoy and hey, buy the book!

December 20, 2006
By Rajiv Parikh