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Mathew Anthony Speaks About the Power of Branding.

At Position², we believe that learning is a never ending process. We try to facilitate as much interaction as possible and give our team opportunities to explore different niches in the advertising industry.

We invited Mr. Mathew Anthony, head of Rapp Collins India (Relationship/Direct Marketing arm of Mudra Marketing Services) to conduct a workshop on brand management and marketing strategy. He has been in advertising industry for over 25 yrs. The agenda was on how a typical marketing strategy is formulated and how it defines the creative strategy and execution.

The session was a very energetic interaction between Mathew and our team. It was a 3 hour session, and our team got a thorough understanding of how branding works, and how a brand's image influences our purchase decisions. We discussed several brands, analyzed their unique value propositions and understood what makes them stay ahead of the competition. Mathew had a unique method of teaching by playing interactive and thought provoking games.

At the end of the session, we took home some good ideas about the values of branding and how we can apply it in everyday situations.

Mathew regularly shares his experiences in his blog –

Here are a few responses from the audience:

"Mathew Anthony was absolutely spontaneous, and what sets him apart is that he made the audience initiate the proceedings. What followed then was an afternoon of learning and fun, and all our grey cells got a strong dose of advertising, marketing and branding. It was indeed revealing listening to a master, who made us rethink what we routinely do, and definitely broadened our perspectives. In a nutshell, he helped us to understand that simplicity, knowledge and innovation go a long way.

He stressed on the importance of three P’s-Personality, Point of View, and Performance, and this I feel is the mantra for growth and success.

Thanks Mathew, looking forward to your next session with us."


“This was a short, informative, value added seminar…

This seminar shed light on how innovation strategy will result in long-term brand value. Creating a meaningful brand matters to every public enterprise, whether you are offering goods and services, communicating corporate values, or designing environments.

His live experiences/examples  put me into the thought process of How to become a more strategic thinker about branding, experience design, and value creation.  Also his importance of the 3 P’s of branding was very informative. The best part was the information he shared on insights into the fundamental cultural trends that are shaping consumer behavior and what the implications are for the design of your products and brands.

Looking forward on more sessions on branding & advertising.

Thanks for the great session.”


Rajesh Muthyalu - Manager, Creative Services

Team Position²

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