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Landing Page Optimization - Tips For Effective PPC Campaigns

What does a customer get, of a Landing Page? He/she clicks the ads to come into the Landing Page (LP) to get what they want or what they're looking for. So as advertisers, it's our duty to keep them interested in our LPs.

What this Landing Page is all about?

In online advertising a lead capture page (a landing page) is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on a PPC ad. The page will display content which is an extension of the PPC ad. The landing page can be customized in PPC campaigns to measure the effectiveness of different ads.

Let's see few interesting optimization points that's required in any landing page to keep the customer interested & add value to their visit.

Clean & clear headline: Crisp is how the landing page headlines should be. Language used should be exact. This way you keep your visitor oriented and engaged.

Straight forward Call to Action: Tell the visitors what they need to do. Use buttons or well-linked text or you can use both. We can use a minimum of 2 call to action in a short landing page while 3-5 in a long LP (usually long LP is not preferred, but if there's no way out because of the number of products, need to use them).

Emphasize benefits: Why will someone care about your company/product/service until it benefits him/her. The benefits are to be brought out in the content. This will help the visitor to quickly act accordingly.

Persuasive message: The message conveyed has to be persuasive. The features, products/services & the benefits can always be put forward in an urge manner which helps the visitor to make a decision.

Tight copy: Too much of content is always boring for someone who needs info quickly. Lack of clutter, clear & specific detailed content will help any visitor clicking the ad. Readers will read long landing page copy as long as you keep building a strong, motivating case for him/her to act. However, remember 2 things which are critical with respect to landing page copy.

However, remember 2 things which are critical with respect to copy on landing page:

  • Longer copy helps when you're looking to close a sale
  • Shorter copy helps for subscription sign-up or free trial or download whitepaper (especially anything which doesn't require money)

Mention offers clearly: Keep your body copy in line with the offer. There has to be a logical progression from your headline to the landing page offers.

Highlight key info in bulleted points: Most of the viewers usually browse through & not read the content. Information is needed quickly. Make sure that they get everything required without having them to slow down.
Landing Page Example
Contact, Certificates & Testimonials check: Ensure that the contact details are mentioned appropriately in the landing page, so that the visitors can reach you easily (either on Phone/ Email). Certificates and testimonials builds trust in the minds of the visitors about your company & services.

The form has to be visible on the upper fold: Ask not for too much but the necessary info to complete the desired action (sale/lead). Be judicious & confidential in the given information. To be placed in the upper fold so that the visitor can access it easily.

Simple clean images: Images are always the eye-catchers. The landing page images used have to be a supportive medium for the content in the landing page. If the offering is a service, then you can show an image which explains the offering.

Remember to keep your visitor comfortable in your landing page. This traffic is paid for the each visit, hence treat the guests well to make them referrals soon & to ensure ROI.

Contributed by Leo VJ, PPC Team

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