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Increase brand visibility through Press Releases

Search engine visibility of a brand is an integral part of an Online Marketing strategy. A Press Release (PR) is a great way to increase your brand’s visibility in Search Engines.

Generally, a PR is used to spread news about your service, product, product features, alliance or acquisition.  There are two phases to get the maximum exposure in search results from a PR:

1. Writing the PR

2. Promoting the PR

Writing the PR

Ensure that your PR is Search Engine Optimized (SEO). Include the top keywords and the brand name in the title and repeat these in the summary and description.  We do this because Search Engines give more importance to keywords that are repeated at the top of the PR. Therefore, there is a higher possibility of your PR being ranked better in search results.

Promoting the PR

Choose the right site for submission

Make a list of PR submission sites (paid/free) based on its Page Rank Value (PRV) and Alexa rank. Make sure the site you are submitting the PR to shows up for similar PRs in Search Engines for keywords similar to yours.

Choose the right category

Select the appropriate category in PR submission sites for approval processing of your PR. In addition, some PR submission sites syndicate PRs to other sites. So choosing the right category for your PR is very important, as your PR will be syndicated across to your service/product-specific sites based on your category.


Submit your PR to the shortlisted sites over a period five to six days. This is to ensure that your PR will show up on the news/web search results throughout the week for your top keywords.


Bookmark the active PR from the PR submission sites in websites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, etc. to enhance Search Engine visibility.

Follow these simple rules and do not forget to check if your PR is optimized in Search engines, news/web search results for your top keywords.

Contributed by Madura S Naik

Team Position²

Position2 is an innovative digital marketing agency that accelerates demand through integrated Content Marketing, Paid Acquisition, and Marketing Technology solutions. Our demand acceleration solutions map the buyer's journey across multiple touch points such as search, social, mobile, media, and email. These integrated campaigns are powered by cutting-edge content creation, digital advertising, web design/development, marketing automation, and analytics. We serve hundreds of clients ranging from VC funded startups to Fortune 500 multinational firms. Our 200-member team is based in Silicon Valley and Bangalore and consists of marketing gurus, engineers, data scientists, writers, and designers.