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Impact of Google’s Real-time search on social media marketing

Google’s real time search marks the beginning of delivering a new search result for the future. In a way it has changed the way people find information on the internet.

The real-time search allows users to view live updates from social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook which impacts the search engine result page (SERP). Headlines from blogs and news websites can be viewed just seconds after they are published. For businesses real-time search can increase the efficiency of both big and small online companies.

With the launch of real-time search corporate websites need to be more active on social media sites since any conversations on social networks will consequently have an ongoing effect on search results.

Now companies and organizations need to care for sites like Twitter or other forms of user-generated content that are published in real-time. Companies that were previously involved in Twitter focusing on engagement for customers and leads, now have to also optimize keywords that are used in each tweet. What it also means to a company is that if your brand doesn’t tweet, it is going to lose on some search traffic.

Real-time search by Google has been one of the most important social media announcements for 2009. In a nutshell, it means businesses cannot ignore social media as it is an indispensable marketing tool.

For companies that want to jump into the social media bandwagon, there isn’t much time to lose.

Google Real Time Search

Contributed by Shantanu Barman

Team Position²

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