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Google Plus Launches New Business-Savvy Features

Google EnterpriseGoogle+, the social media arm of the search engine giant has entered into its second year with June 2012. And what an entry this has been! Google is on a roll with a slew of updates, Google+ Events and now with exclusive Hangouts features for corporate users.

Google allowed corporate users to start using Google+ from November last year. As of June 2012, Google + has 250 million total users! Must say, Google has charted an impressive growth chart in a short span of time.

In Google’s eloquent words, more companies are “going Google” with their employees using various Google products such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Drive. So now, Google has launched a set of Google+ features custom made for business enterprises and made a full preview mode available for Google Apps customers. If you have “gone Google”, you can begin and continue using these features for free through the end of 2013. During this time, Google will continue adding more features and admin controls specially designed for organizations! The pilot testing of these features was done in companies like Kaplan and Banshee Wines with their initial feedback already incorporated into the product.

Here is what Google is now exclusively offering for business enterprises on Google+:

  • Private Sharing for your business enterprise - With the launch of this new feature, Google Apps users have greater control over what they share on Google+. They can now restrict posts when sharing content. Such restricted posts are limited to your organization and cannot be shared with anyone outside the company. This feature also gives you the option of being able to share posts with specific individuals outside your organization.

Google Plus new Features for Businesses
Restricted posts can never be shared with anyone outside the organization

  • Video meeting (Hangouts) + Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs - With Google+ Apps, a face-to-face meeting with people world over only needs a camera device and an internet connection. This is because Hangouts lets you hold a video meeting with up to10 people at a time irrespective of their using a laptop, phone or a tablet.

Along with multi-way video chat in Hangouts, you can now also open a Google Doc in a Hangout meeting and all the Hangout attendees can write or edit a Google Doc together from wherever they are.

Google+ Hangouts Meeting for Businesses

Write/edit a Google Doc together from different locations

And with this feature launch you can add a Hangout to a Calendar event. This allows all the invitees to join the meeting directly from the invite or Calendar entry.

Google+ Calendar for Businesses

Adding a Hangout to a Calendar event

  • Admin controls - With these admin controls administrators can make sure that what you share will be seen only by the people who you want to see it. Administrators can now set organization-wide defaults for post restrictions and also enable restricted Hangouts to make private meetings possible in the company.

This is just the beginning…

Google has more feature goodies in store for you in the coming months, which includes Google+ mobile version for enterprise users and more admin controls.

So what’s your take on this latest update of Google? Did they nail it with these features or miss it?

Image Source: Google Enterprise

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