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Google Launches Hummingbird Search Algorithm and Google+ Accounts for YouTube Comments

Its Google all the way!

Happy Birthday Google!

Let’s kick off with happy wishes. Our favorite search engine Google is celebrating its 15th birthday today!! So, here’s wishing the search giant that changed so much of our world a very happy fifteenth.

Google celebrated its 15 years in business with an animated piñata doodle.

Google Doodle

To business now…

Hummingbird Search Algorithm Update

Fifteen years old and still taking the search world to school…Google silently sprung a surprise on the digital world a month ago with a new search algorithm its calling “Hummingbird”. Hummingbird affects about 90% of searches. It lets Google handle more complex search queries compared to the current simple keyword searches.

So what does this mean for the SEO world? Have you seen any dramatic jumps or drops in search engine placement? If this hasn’t happened yet, then it’s likely that it won’t happen anytime soon due to the Hummingbird update.

However, PPC executives will see an impact where ‘key phrases’ (two or more keywords) will show up more frequently in search results compared to ‘keywords’.

Google+ Accounts Are Now Mandatory to make YouTube Comments

YouTube is trying to clean up and cut down on negative comments made on its site by making it mandatory for users to have a Google+ account from a Gmail ID. From now, users who want to comment on YouTube videos and participate in page discussions will have to have a Google+ account.

YouTube will prioritize comments by recognizable profiles such as the video creators or popular personalities and will also push up comments by people you care about. Users can also share conversations publicly on YouTube and Google+ or with people in their own circles. Replies are threaded making it easier for people to follow conversations. You can review comments before they are posted, block particular words and even auto-approve comments from certain fans.

Take a peek here at how the new look for comments will appear like:

Google+ Accounts for YouTube Comments

We would love to know what you think about these updates. Comment in the box below!

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