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Google Launches Dynamic Retargeting for Retailers on AdWords

Google’s answer to remarketing firms such as Adroll is its dynamic remarketing. It is current remarketing on steroids, especially if you are an advertiser in Google’s Merchant Center and in the retail space.

As the name suggests, remarketing ads are created on the fly. This feature allows advertisers to connect with potential customers by rolling out dynamic ads based on user behavior and products they interacted with on their site. Ads can be customized from templates and tweaked to reflect a brand’s look and feel. Or, they can also be automated.

For example, if a user was browsing through a site that sells shoes and exits without buying, using dynamic remarketing, that advertiser can now show the user ads with the shoes they were viewing last and add on hot deals or the season’s collection. These can be text as well as image ads.
Google AdWords Remarketing Ads
Dynamic ads can also pull significant information from the Merchant Account. The targeting can be for general visitors, product viewers, shopping cart abandoners and past buyers.

Here’s what we have to say about this update…

google-adwords-remarketing-visual-example We think that this is a great development towards a much customized experience. But there is a limitation here – advertisers need to have a Merchant Account. This in itself limits those who can use the service.

Delinking this feature from the Merchant Account is critical for the widespread adoption of dynamic remarketing. There are also talks of dynamic remarketing being tested in Travel and other verticals.

Here’s a plausible future scenario: you need to fly from SF to NYC. You look for flights on a few sites and leave without buying. Using dynamic ads these advertisers can now show you ads with the latest deals, discount amounts or the actual discounted fare and airline name. Similarly, if you are planning a vacation, hotel aggregators or hotel sites that you visited can serve you ads with real-time discounts for your favorite destination and hotel.

While we support this development, we would like to see how Google balances it’s own interests and that of advertiser’s by delivering the desired ROI. Without proper controls with the advertisers, similar to current remarketing, this service could become a one sided success story in favor of Google. We have to wait and see how Google rolls this out to the larger audience.

Contributed by Sajjan Kanukolanu – GM, Performance Leads

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