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Forum posting - A 4-Step Guide to Effective Social Media Marketing

Forum posting today has become critical to social media marketing efforts that boost business successes online. Forums act as an ideal marketing tool as they help you to learn and realize newer avenues available for marketing your business through constant interaction with other members of the forum. Forum posting doesn’t mean simply posting new threads or replying to old threads in order to get quality inbound links to a website. Forum posting should be done accurately to drive targeted traffic to your website and to strengthen your brand visibility in search engine rankings. However, if it is done indiscriminately, it could result in waste of time, which could have otherwise been spent on growing your business.In addition, getting backlinks from forums with high page ranks will help in getting direct traffic to your website. However, at times there could be a possibility of your post being edited or deleted by the forum administrator if they find that your posting does not adhere to their forum policy. Also there may be times when administrators may not allow any links in posts until they are totally relevant. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of the kind of posts you make in forums in order to take advantage of them.

Importance of forum posting in social media marketing

In order to get the best results through forum posting, it is important to keep the following four points in mind:

  1. Search Forums of high Google Page Rank –To get the maximum visibility and exposure, you must post in forums that have high Google Page Rank value and visitors. Try to find forums that have active conversations and high page views. If you end up posting in forums that have very less traffic, it will not help you maximize your results
  2. Make your presence felt – It is also important to let people know who you are, especially when you are out there to promote your brand or build business relationships. You can add a more personal touch and connect with people when you post in forums by using your own name rather than a fictitious or funny name that disguises your identity. Moreover, people are more likely to connect to you when they know who you are. Additionally, uploading your photo can also help to increase the responsiveness of people to your postings.
  3. No Direct Marketing: Please note that you cannot talk specifically about your product or sell your product in forums, as direct marketing is not allowed in most forums. You need to select the category in the forums related to your business and start a general conversation with the forum members. You can slowly start sharing your business information once your presence is felt and accepted in the forum. This ensures that you improve your business presence and trust among the forum members. Eventually, this networking and relationsip will help your brand strength and work towards gaining search engine rankings.
  4. Append a signature file and a link to your website – A signature file is a pre-written personal footer that is used as a closing line for emails. This usually contains the name and address of the sender or any other text that the sender wishes to have as his closing line. You can use your signature file when you post in forums so that people can contact you if they are interested in your product. Also, posting a link  to your website in the signature file may help drive traffic and brand visibility.

Discussion boards are generally a highly targeted group of people that are more receptive to your products and services. Therefore commenting on forums is an effective way to promote your brand.

Contributed by Seethalakshmi

Team Position²

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