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Facebook Enables Commenting Using Photos, Control Sitelink Details In Enhanced Campaigns and Instagram Launches Video

Facebook Rolls Out Photo Comments

Facebook Rolls Out Photo Comments

Facebook has rolled out a new feature which allows users to comment on posts using images rather than text. This feature was first built at a Facebook employee hackathon.

The photo comments roll out has begun globally on the web and the Facebook mobile site. You can’t leave photo comments through your mobile app yet, but you can view them. Facebook is expected to add this feature to its mobile apps soon.

To add a photo comment, you need to click the camera icon beside the text box (where you used to write the message) and upload an image from your computer.

For businesses, this means the ability to reply to users’ queries in a more effective manner. For example, if users ask to know more about a particular store or product through comments, brands can reply with actual pictures instead of URLs.

Google AdWords Now Lets Advertisers Add More Details to Sitelinks In Enhanced Campaigns

Upon introduction, sitelink details in enhanced campaigns were drawn from other ads in the campaign. With this update, Google has made it possible for advertisers to add more details to sitelinks.

In Google’s tests, users have indicated that sitelinks with additional details were more relevant and useful. It was also observed that clickthrough rates were higher for these ads than the same ad with the traditional two or three sitelinks.

This sitelink format with additional details is available only in enhanced campaigns with upgraded sitelinks.

Core sitelink guidelines remain the same:

  1. The duplicate sitelink URL policy cannot be violated by sitelinks
  2. Sitelinks’ text cannot use keyword insertion
  3. There is a two sitelink variation along with this four sitelink view

To learn more about sitelinks with additional details, you can check out this article in the AdWords Help Center.

Google AdWords Lets Advertisers Add More Details to Sitelinks In Enhanced Campaigns

Instagram Adds Videos
Instagram Adds Videos
Instagram feels that sometimes a picture leaves something to be desired in terms of expression which is why they are introducing videos.

You can shoot a video by tapping the movie camera icon which appears when you try to take a photo on Instagram. You can record up to fifteen seconds of video footage using the Instagram camera.

Instagram has also added thirteen video-specific filters. When posting the video, you can also choose your favorite scene from the recorded footage to be the cover image.

With the soaring popularity of Instagram images, it will be interesting to see how videos will fare. Instagram videos will help businesses generate more content. Businesses can make Instagram videos of store openings, product launches, sale announcements etc. Users can help promote businesses by making videos of: their favorite brands customizing products for them, a great time they had at a brand’s store, an in-store promotional event they witnessed etc.

Let us know your thoughts on these three updates…

image sources:mashable, google, instagram.

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