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Facebook Ads with Demographic Targeting

Pay per click advertising offers Internet marketers a fast way to drive targeted traffic to your websites. The problem of course is that a lot of website owners lack marketing experience and fail to "set up everything right". The result is that they end up losing rather than making money with PPC advertising.

A lot of variables have to be considered and if you get any one of them wrong your whole campaign will suffer. Variables include keyword choice, how you phrase your PPC ads, the web copy and design of the landing page, price and profit margin on the product/service being sold.  At the end, none of this can help the fact that anybody can click on PPC ads. People not interested in what is being offered can also click your ad. The reason for this is that PPC ads target keywords but not the demographics of the ad readers. At least, that was the case until Facebook set up its PPC advertising service and included demographic targeting as part of the package. Social networking sites are all over the internet today. It’s being used for much more than simply meeting new friends.

With demographic targeting, Facebook has effectively removed one of the causes of failure of pay per click advertising campaigns. A common complaint from many website owners is that their advertising is not reaching the right audience.  Facebook PPC ads are perfect for targeted audiences. With demographic targeting, Facebook PPC clients will be able to set up ads which would appear on the Facebook pages of people who are tightly defined as part of their target market. Advertisers can select from a number of variables such as age, gender, marital status, geographical location, hobbies and interests. When ads are as well targeted, copy writing becomes a much easier process. You have a much better chance of generating targeted clicks to their sales pages.

Some items you would need to keep in mind to create your Facebook ads

  1. Decide on whether you want to advertise your own webpage or something on Facebook, like a Page, Application, Group or Event.
  2. You can upload images of your product along with your facebook ads. Image will be resized to fit in 110px wide by 80px high box.
  3. Create concise text messaging which speaks directly to the target audience you want to reach. Your facebook ad headline can have up to 25 characters in length and the main body can have upto 135 characters

The expectation is that Facebook is going to be adding enhancements to their PPC advertising service pretty rapidly in the near future. When you have over 200 million ‘members’ it can be incredibly powerful to slice that group into more and more targeted segments so advertisers will have success without breaking the bank. Should be interesting to watch.

Contributed by Shweta Gaonkar

Team Position²

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