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The Essentials of Brand Management through Social Media

Every brand needs inputs from its customers, it helps understand their need, address their concerns and provide products/ services based on the feedback. As more and more netizens are storming the web to vent out their frustrations, ask for suggestions or just researching, it becomes all the more necessary for any brand to actively participate in this space. In this post I talk about the elements you should consider to manage your brand using Social media.

You can have as many consumer surveys you want, but tapping into social media communities provides you interesting discussion topics which your consumers discuss and influence other probable customers. Be proactive, research in blogs, forums, social networks, video sites etc. Record the types of complaints / suggestions. Make sure you keep looking.

Analyze your research. Now ask yourself!
• Does your audience know your product?

• Have they got it wrong?

• Do you need to educate them?

Establish Contact & Empathize
The secret to every successful brand management strategy is to make sure that you reach out and respond to the consumer. The key is to listen and participate, I follow a simple methodology.
• Listen
• Understand
• Respond
• Correct
To make it simpler, analyze the complaints. Make sure that that you understand the consumers feedback. Classify your complaints and build messaging strategies for each classification. Place your response and monitor feedback.

Now that you have got the attention and probably even addressed his concern, it is necessary you still engage the customer and participate in his conversations. A happy consumer always recommends the product/ service to his friends.

Finally, don’t just stop at ‘Engage’. To run an effective brand management campaign make sure you’re constantly educating the target audience of on your product/ service. Create that buzz and make sure you’re visible
• Choose the media vehicles your target audience frequents.
• Provide information to them through these channels.

Brand management can be done anytime; you need not wait for a crisis situation. Start embracing social media today, so even if a crisis hits you are better equipped to manage the situation effectively.

Sanjeev Dhanaraj

Sr. Director, Digital Transformation, Marketing & Strategic Alliances

With over 15 years of experience in IT, ITES and Digital Marketing, Sanjeev is an experienced professional with a strong understanding of technology and digital transformation. He has also worked on digital strategies for top brands like Pepsi, Samsung, P&G and LinkedIn.