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The Do's and Don'ts of using Vine for Marketing


“Vine is a leading unique video app that…” – many businesses don’t even wait for the finish of this sentence. They simply jump on to the bandwagon because no brand wants to lose out on the benefits of a social concept by falling behind. It’s been a little over two months since the launch of Vine. Though it’s a tad early to call out the celebrations or the culling squad, there are brands reaping Vine’s benefits. We’ve compiled a list of Vine do’s and don’ts. The things you can do on Vine are:

  • Give your fans a behind-the-scenes peek

Vine gives you a small 6 second time limit to wrap up your message. You need to make optimum utilization of this time. If you’re launching a new product, a Vine is a great way of treating your audience to a short preview of your product.

Here Nintendo reveals its new ‘Wii U Zombie Deluxe’ set in this Vine which gives people a glimpse of all the items the game package includes.

  • Narrate your brand’s tale Make a Vine with your brand’s most important milestones. Show people that you have complete knowledge about your brand and products. This will give people more confidence about you.

This Gap video showcases denim labels from more than 40 years.

You should also use audio for your Vine to have maximum impact.

  • Give demos of new products If you’re releasing a new product, a Vine is a great tool to show prospects how your product works. Though many people would want to know more than what a 6 second video can show, a Vine is a good ‘appetizer’ to get people interested. You may not be able to show all the features in 6 seconds. But you can definitely highlight the best two or three and entice people to know more.
  • Prepare an interesting content mix You can use Vine videos to make short news announcements, share quick tips etc. These videos have more impact due to their short length. You can also use your Vine:
    • As a visual teaching aid to accompany text
    • To share industry-relevant trivia (GE)
    • To celebrate important holidays where you can create videos like Tropicana or use the Vine to promote your holiday offers
    • To hold contests etc.
    • To post about your live events
  • Bring your followers inside your brand Use a Vine to make introductions between your company and customers. Tell them about yourself. Show different facets of company life/culture. This not only lends a human touch to the video, it also helps viewers connect with the ‘human’ side of your brand. Your Vine viewers should be able to connect with the people in your video.
  • Showcase your brand Use a Vine to display your company’s signature branding. Arrange your branded items in a cool way and make a Vine. Here’s an example video by Marketo. Bring your top management into the Vine too. You can also use the Vine to promote your brand logo.

Vine no-no’s are:

  • Using Vine without thinking it through As we said in the beginning of this article, many businesses make the mistake of just starting to use a social media tool/site without stopping to think whether it suits their requirements. Is Vine right for your brand? Think hard. Look at companies using Vine already and see if you can repeat that success story. Simply adding an unnecessary thing to your already heavy social mix is a waste.

To determine if Vine is for you, shoot a video with a specific purpose like getting new leads and see if you can achieve that goal. You can also shoot videos incorporating all the above do’s so you are sure that none of the typical mistakes have pulled you down.

If Vine is not benefiting you after a few experimental runs, drop the idea.

  • Not defining its purpose Before you start shooting your Vine, determine the purpose of the video. Why are you doing this? What do you want the video takeaways to be? Ask yourself these questions and smoothen out the details. Though a Vine is a short video, knowing these details clearly helps a lot. Have all your plans aligned before you begin.
  • Squashing a longer video’s concept into a Vine Sometimes you need more than 6 seconds to deliver a message. If so, a Vine is not the platform to use. Don’t try to squeeze a longer video’s message into a Vine.
  • Creating Vines for private groups Many companies like to give special attention to high-value customers or some of them are member-only types of companies. A Vine is not the best option for these companies because Vines are visible to everyone and anyone can share them on other social media sites. They do not have the exclusivity you may desire. So your Vines must be of relevance to everyone.However, you can use a Vine to encourage people to become a member or customer. You can put out a teaser Vine showing your product’s value enticing people to know more.

Are there other Vine do’s and don’ts? Drop your opinions in the comments box below…

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