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Brand Monitor Updates - December 2010

We're delighted to announce a series of new updates to the Brand Monitor™ platform, and to give you a heads-up on some of the exciting features we're working on!
Post Relevance

Post Relevance

Brand Monitor™ is now powered by an enhanced relvance scoring engine, that you can control. Available under "Filters", you can choose varying levels of relevance; this changes the stream of posts accordingly.

We do this by giving each post a "score" for relevance when compared to a search keyword. By default, "High Relevance" is selected, and posts with "Low" or "Medium" relevance scores are not shown.

If you don't see too many posts in the stream for a particular keyword, try changing the relevance filter to "Medium" or "Low".

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

See a potential lead talking about your product or service? Perhaps a competitor? You can now send this person's contact information to Salesforce directly via Brand Monitor™.

It takes about 5 minutes of setting up - we need to integrate your "Organization ID" from Salesforce into Brand Monitor™, and you can choose which fields you want to capture and send to Salesforce.

Once set up, every post will have a "Salesforce" tab, from where you can submit leads. In the near future, we'll automatically populate as many of the fields as possible.
Facebook Integration

Facebook Integration

Brand Monitor™ will shortly introduce an integrated Facebook client. You can manage your Facebook accounts, Facebook pages and interact with your fan base. Managing your company’s Facebook presence is easier, quicker and more effective.

You can manage multiple Facebook accounts and pages, use the built-in URL shorterner (, schedule multiple status messages for future publishing, update status messages, add comments and also "Like" posts.

Features We're Working On [Coming Soon!]

  • More Facebook Integration Features
  • LinkedIn Integration
  • Geography and Demographic Reports

We're committed to updating Brand Monitor™ every month with new features and capabilities. Try out these new features and let us know if you have any suggestions for us!

December 28, 2010
By Team Position²