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Best way to Overcome Google Adwords’ New Changes to Ad Rotation

Google AdWords Campaign

Many advertisers and agency folks must have seen the above notification on their Google adwords account. Earlier May, Google announced a change for ad rotation settings. This new change will allow advertisers to use “rotate - show ads more evenly” feature for only 30 days. After 30 days this setting will be automatically changed to “Optimize for clicks”.

Optimize for Clicks

Google rolled out this change in the week of 5/7 and it had immediate impact on adgroups with no new ads in the last 30 days. There is no way to change the setting back to “rotate - show ads more evenly” unless advertiser edits the ads or creates new ads.

There are several reasons why you would want to run the ads in rotate mode for more than 30 days.

  • When your click volumes to the adgroups are very less
  • Depends on numbers of ads you want to test
  • Campaigns under ad scheduling need more time to see results
  • You want to send traffic to different landing pages equally

Here is how you can work around this latest change.

Advertisers can rotate the ads for 90 days using Adwords Campaign Experiments (ACE). The way you do this is - create an experiment with 50% control / 50% experiment and select “control only” option for old adcopy and “experiment only” for new ad copy. This helps split the traffic between two adcopies equally for 90 days. However you can extend the experiment for 90 days only after the end date. So track this properly and regularly.

Adwords Campaign Experiments


ACE is a great tool which allows you to implement and run accurate tests. You can test bids, ads, ad groups or placement changes using this tool. You need to be careful while pausing and deleting the experiments. Make sure you are running the campaigns with winner ads/bids/placements after the experiments.

Contributed by Sudheer Dhayanand, Manager – PPC, Position²

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