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2012 - A Quick Social Media Recap (Part 2)

Continuing in the vein of our post 2012 - A Quick Social Media Recap (Part 1), here’s presenting the second part of the double feature…

New design for LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn launched a new page layout for their Company Pages in October. Before this update, all LinkedIn pages, Company Pages and individual pages looked the same with the company logo and information blurb being the exceptions. On Company Pages with the new page layout, company updates and ‘Products and Services’ get more visibility, there is space available for a cover picture, a different ‘Jobs’ layout and you’ve the option to target company updates to specific sections of your audience better.

Position2 LinkedIn Page

The increased visibility your products get is one of the main positives of this new page layout.

Ability to segment LinkedIn updates

LinkedIn introduced the ability to target updates based on industry, company’s size, job function, geography, seniority and including/excluding employees in June. Using these targeting options, marketers could publish their company’s updates directly to a user’s homepage. A company’s LinkedIn page admins would also be provided with metrics for number of followers targeted, impressions, clicks, shares and engagement obtained after 24 hours:

Position2 LinkedIn Targeted Promotion

Due to targeted ads, LinkedIn has experienced an increase of 66% in engagement. Marketers who can segment and personalize messages for their targeted audience constantly yield better results.

The end of LinkedIn and Twitter’s relationship

The month of June saw the end of LinkedIn and Twitter’s partnership. Before this, users could post updates on their LinkedIn accounts using their Twitter accounts. The breaking of this relationship saw the end of users doing this. Though users can’t post on LinkedIn from Twitter, they can post on Twitter from LinkedIn. This partnership break has affected many marketers who had both the sites synced for the ease of more consistent social media management.

Hangouts on Air

Google+ launched Hangouts on Air to users worldwide in May. This allowed people to have hangouts with 9 others while being broadcasted to the entire world. During the broadcast you could look inside the hangout and see how many people were watching it live. Once you went off air, Google+ also posted a recording of the hangout on YouTube and to your original Google+ post.

Before this launch, Hangouts could be used only for smaller conference calls in businesses. By opening Hangouts to a larger audience, Google+ made it available for larger business purposes. Hangouts on Air can be now used to broadcast webinars, events, interviews, shareholder meetings, business conferences, press conferences etc to a larger audience than before.

Updates to its search engine

In January, Google announced that it is integrating Google+ into its search results. Now people’s search results would include personal content shared on Google+. It would also pull up the profiles of people you may know or would be interested in connecting with based on information from your Google+ profile when you search with people’s names. Also, after you search for a specific topic, the search engine would pull up people’s profiles and Google+ pages related to your topic thus enabling you to follow them easily.

This was a wake up call of sorts for marketers who cared about SEO but didn’t want to use Google+. If a prospective customer searched for your business on Google and you had a Google+ account, your Google+ link might just be the one to get clicked on. If you didn’t have a Google+ account, a competitor company who has one might get that click instead of you.

Google+ Places turns “Google+ Local”

May saw Google deciding to get rid of Google+ Places and invest more in Google+ Local. After you search for a place or restaurant on Google+ Local, the contact information, reviews and pictures of that place would appear in the SERPs. Google+ Local was also integrated into results when a person searched for places in Google Maps:

Google+ Places turns Google+ Local


Pinterest launches business accounts for brands

With Pinterest, November was the time to rejoice for marketers when the site launched business accounts for brands on it. However, the business accounts aesthetically didn’t look different from individual accounts. You could either create a new business account or if you’ve been managing an individual account, you could convert that into a business account.

Position2 Pinterest Business Page

This launch of business accounts was a positive sign of things to come from Pinterest for brands.

2012 was a great year and overall social media marketers were projected to spend $4.8 billion this year. Stay tuned for 2013 - marketers are projected to spend nearly one in 10 US digital dollars on US social network ads. And we expect more updates in the coming year!

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment box below!

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