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14 Video Tips For Businesses on Pinterest

Pinterest has proven the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” to be absolutely true in its case. The site is one visual treat that millions are finding irresistible. Pinaddiction is the new fever that has gripped the world. Pinterest has really “pinned” it!
Pinterest unique Visitors Comscore
According to comScore, Pinterest has crossed 10 million unique visitors hitting a high of 11.7 million unique monthly US visitors. In late March 2012, Pinterest’s no-follow rule notwithstanding, 1,170 Pinterest videos were indexed by Google. By mid-April 2012, that figure climbed to 5,870 video results, an increase of more than 500% in just three weeks. In a short span of time, Pinterest has become one of the most happening places for video marketing opportunities.

Pinterest’s recent integration with Vimeo has led to a galore of enticing opportunities for marketers. Though you could pin YouTube videos on Pinterest before, the recent Vimeo integration gives scope for more quality and artistic thumbnails. Pinterest is as much about videos as it is about pictures. Thus, it’s important for your Pinterest account to have a balanced mix of both videos and pictures. So what is your strategy for your products/brand for the “it” site of the year? Heads up! Are your products visually appealing??? Make sure you think about this before you start on your strategy.

Here are few helpful video tips for your Pinterest strategy:

    1. Strategize: Strategizing cannot be emphasized enough irrespective of the social networking site. Whether you plan to pin videos or pictures, you need a strategy for your brand/product. Your strategy will help you plan when you want to start, what you want to pin, how to organize your account, how to draw followers (who are potential customers) etc.


    1. Customize your thumbnail images: It is better to customize video thumbnails rather than pinning a video still frame that looks grainy. Arty video thumbnails look and blend in much better. Vimeo offers a much better option of uploading your own customized thumbnail. This leaves the quality control in your hands. While selecting a thumbnail, choose one that is visually appealing and which represents your video. The board name and thumbnail help in conveying the board theme to your TG.


    1. Organized boards: Well organized boards go a long way in drawing people to your Pinterest account. When people are looking for particular videos, they would not like searching many videos in one board. Organized boards help people to immediately find what they want and this adds to their positive experience with your brand/products.


    1. Board names: Get creative! The more descriptive and creative your board names are, the more they will appeal to people and pull up in searches.


    1. Video mix: Let your boards be a good mix of originally created and repinned videos. This gives people a good view of your message.


    1. Keep them short: Whenever possible, try to keep your videos short. People do not like to see long videos. There is high likelihood of them getting bored and closing the window before your brand message reaches them.


    1. Video in words: Add descriptions to the videos you pin up. A picture may be worth a thousand words. But before people embark on that, they must be drawn to make the journey. Creative and fun video descriptions help in persuading people to watch your videos.


    1. “Pin it up”: Call out! Add a “Pin me” button or “Follow me on Pinterest” message at the end of your videos so that it’s easier for people to pin your content (and help in it going viral)/follow you.


    1. Video campaign: Run an exclusive video on Pinterest, its features and what people can look forward to on your Pinterest account.


    1. Repin others’ videos: Repinning others’ videos/content is another content source and shows that you value good content from anyone. This tells people that you are not there only to market your products.


    1. Don’t bombard your followers with pins: Pinning in random clusters without planning will not be of much use to your campaign. You need to plan exactly when and what content to pin. Pinning too much in clusters can smother your followers.


    1. Visible company logo: Keep your company logo visible in all the content that you pin up. This helps in brand retention in potential customers’ minds.

Wall Street Journal Pinterest Profile

    1. Mix lifestyle and product content: Have a mix of content about lifestyle and products. Videos about lifestyle inform followers about your brand’s identity and will also draw them to your to check out products on your Pinterest videos.


  1. Don’t just make it product promotion: Its very important to not make all your videos about product promotion. You need to make sure that people who see your videos do not get the idea that all that you are trying to do is sell your product. Pin other related content and keep your followers engaged.

The Pinterest account of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) newspaper is one of the best examples of a well strategized and executed Pinterest plan. The WSJ has 5,267 people following it. For example, the WSJ has a board on “Quotes” and is also promoting itself through boards like WSJ Hedcuts and WSJ Front Pages.
Strategize and pin away!

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