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10 Pathways to Broaden Your Social Reach Horizon

In 2013, 91% companies are adding social media to their marketing arsenal. So widening the borders of social reach is absolutely essential. These are the steps you need to take to expand those borders: Social Media

1. Add buttons for social sharing and follows on all marketing collateral

Add social calls-to-action to your online marketing collateral that shows your online location. Add both social sharing and follow buttons to your online marketing collateral and make sure that they are highlighted. Social sharing and brand follows are great for social reach.

2. Update social profiles

Your social profiles need to be updated regularly. If a user chooses to follow you and sees that your page isn’t updated, they will mostly not follow you. Keep up with the times, be active and offer a content mix to get people back. Generate excitement among followers so that they look forward to your content. Then gaining new users, follows and content shares is easier. Reach Efficency Index

For example, you can make use of the bigger size of Facebook cover pics and post pics that show your brand in the best way.

3. Be alert for updates from various social networks

Watch out for new social media updates. Often, the new kids on the block make a significant difference to your social reach. Be wise and select those that’ll help get more leads, increase engagement etc. Run a few tests and determine the best ones for you.

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4. Tailor your content to the social network and persona

Your tweets need to be short and still pack a punch. Your Facebook posts need to be catchy, possibly with some visuals thrown in. This Facebook strategy applies to Google+ also. LinkedIn however, needs you to adopt an in-depth content approach and your Foursquare content needs to be different. Offer discounts for Foursquare check-ins from your place of business. YouTube is synonymous with video content. So have ready a bunch of cool, short videos for your YouTube channel.

Be what people expect brands to be on each social network and they are more likely to like your content and share it. Your target audience has a collective personality too. Know your audience and the content they prefer. This knowledge will help you develop content that’ll garner sizeable shares. Time deepens your audience understanding. For example, your Facebook audience likes funny content with visuals, LinkedIn audience engages more with educational content etc. Choose the right content format and tone for your audience which will help you gain content shares with new audiences. Though 76% marketers think they know what content their audience wants, only 34% have actually asked them. SMM Objectives

5. Interact regularly with fans, industry leaders and people who aren’t following you

Running an active community that communicates a lot helps grow your audience. 84% of marketers say they use social media to reach customers at multiple touch points. Your social presence gets more exposure owing to the public interaction of your fan base. Plus, the posts that receive the most engagement get the most exposure in News Feed due to Facebook’s EdgeRank. Interact with your fan base continuously.

Keep in touch with industry leaders and be a thought leader. Host Twitter Chats, discussions on LinkedIn etc Engage with people who aren’t your followers. This is a step towards getting new people to follow you. Retweet their tweets, share their Facebook posts and join in discussions on others’ LinkedIn groups.

6. Post new, useful quality content that includes visuals

Sharing new, quality content everyday might seem daunting but it really isn’t. You’ll always have new things to share with followers. Post high quality content frequently and make sure you stay on people’s minds. Make it a point to include attractive visuals with textual content. You need to keep posting continually and simultaneously on all networks to keep your reach growing. You also need to be mindful of the time of posting. Your engagement rates are significantly impacted by this. Know the best time to post for your audience on each social network (when they are most active) and post then.

7. Include guest blogging and User Generated Content (UGC)

Guest blogging is a great way to get exposure for your content to an audience other than your own. When you have a guest blogger write for you, that person will also share their content on their own site. This gets you exposure to the blogger’s audience. You can also write for other sites where you’ll get exposure for your brand name. People who like your content may want to learn more about you and your brand. Both cases translate to increase in your social reach.

UGC is also a great way to push up your social reach. Everyone loves it when content contributed by them gets exposure. So if you get your fans to generate content for you say through contests and such, they will undoubtedly promote their content to their network. Here you gain access to a new group of audience which you may not have obtained otherwise. Advertiser Outlook for Paid Social Advertising Budgets

Hosting and Interacting

8. Target audience with paid advertising

You can raise your ante by using the plethora of paid advertising options offered by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc (a few tips to advertise on LinkedIn). Consider using your budget to run some paid ads that’ll get you fans. This is one more great way to increase your social reach.

9. Create hashtags for events you host and make sure that attendees know about it

When you are hosting an event, see to it that your attendees have the event hashtag and network with each other promoting your content. Cash in on your event attendees’ habit of social networking during the event, gain exposure to their audience and amplify social reach.

10. Host social contests/use games and offer incentives for follows

Hosting contests on social networks is a great way to attract new followers. For example, Facebook contests are a great tool for increasing your social reach among other things. Or, if you want to run a visuals-based contest, Pinterest is a great choice (a few cool tips for running contests on Pinterest). However, be careful about each social network’s contest rules. You can also offer people free games and increase your social reach.

That’s all from us here folks. Do tell us what you think of our pointers in your comments below… Image Source: CMS Wire

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