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The Position² Newsletter | February 2012
E-Commerce and the Social Consumer E-Commerce and the Social Consumer - Making Online Shopping Hassle-Free
Part One: Keeping up with the ever-changing taste of the social consumer is a major challenge for online retailers. This, along with high shipping costs and insufficient information, are among the common consumer woes that retailers need to address. Read more »
Part Two: As far as online shopping is concerned, poor after-sales support and insufficient deals are major deterrents. To convert prospective shoppers to loyal customers, brands are putting that extra effort to make online shopping a hassle-free process. Read more »

Online Marketing for Luxury Brands Online Marketing for Luxury Brands - Simplifying a Complicated Relationship
Part One: Despite arriving late to the social media party, luxury brands have more than made-up for the lost time. Having understood the importance of online engagement, today's prestige brands are also focusing on social media an information goldmine. Read more »
Part Two: The last few years have seen prestige brands venture into the unfettered world of social media marketing. From improving their online content to offering discounts, these previously 'social media shy' brands are no longer green-behind-the-ears. Read more »

SOPA The #SOPA Story So Far - Social Media Reactions
The Stop Online Piracy Act has been a very controversial piece of legislation, inspiring debates all over the world. A handful of companies support SOPA, and there are quite a few organizations vehemently opposed to the bill. The Brand Monitor team tracked the debates on social media and here's what we found... Read more »

SMBs and Social Media Marketing SMBs and Social Media Marketing: Prepping up for 2012
Part One: It is that time of the year, when SMBs are busy designing their promotional strategies and planning marketing budgets. While combining social media with email marketing, SMBs will also leverage from mobile marketing in 2012. Read more »
Part Two: One of the biggest dilemmas faced by SMBs is deciding what social media channel to focus on. While the Facebook vs. Twitter debate continues, the emergence of Google+ has an important marketing platform means SMBs are spoilt for choice. Read more »

SEO, PPC and Digital Media

The Importance of Capturing PPC Keywords Through Analytics.

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Social Monitoring: Listen To Social Media And Find Out What's Trending.

Bookmark: 11 Useful Tips for Marketing Your Brand on LinkedIn.

Web Analytics Tools: 7 Alternatives to Google Analytics.

The Infographic That Makes Me Want To Marry Mark Zuckerberg.

Search Engine War: Google Just Made Bing the Best Search Engine.
Special Announcement for our Newsletter Readers
Brand Monitor Just Got Better through New Acquisition by thismoment

Thismoment today announced the acquisition of Position2 Brand Monitor, a leading social media monitoring and conversation management platform.

It means Brand Monitor as you know it will evolve for the better over the course of the next few months. There will be no immediate changes to the system or the service. We are committed to continuing Brand Monitor as a product, with a few changes, and you will soon see announcements on the updates to Brand Monitor as well as the integration of Brand Monitor features with DEC.
Click here to know more about the acquisition.
thismoment Brand Monitor
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